A Word from President/Co-Founder - LaTausha "COLD-HEARTED" Taylor, MSM, EBMS

Welcome to On Point Entertainment, LLC.  On Point Ent is a pivotal hub for anyone interested in, considering becoming, or already established in the Music and Entertainment industry.  Whether you’re an artist or producer looking to connect with a team to assist you in furthering your music business, or a fan or DJ looking for new music from independent artists.. you’ve come to the right place.

Our website is designed to appeal to music lovers and music professionals alike.  We invite you to check out our exclusive #SINGLESMARKET where you can identify, support and hopefully become a fan of some of the dopest artists on the independent circuit. We’re always looking for new talent and strategic partners so be sure to connect with us on social media and check back often for updates.

Thank you in advance. God Bless and always stay ON POINT!

LaTausha Taylor, MSM, EBMS


On Point Entertainment, LLC. (OPE) is a multifunctional entertainment consulting, marketing and brand endorsement company based in Mobile, Alabama. OPE provides turnkey, cost-effective consulting services and marketing/branding solutions to independent artists, producers and songwriters across multiple genres (Pop, Country, Gospel, Hip Hop, and R&B). Our primary business function is consulting with our clients while leveraging these relationships to secure talent to record, distribute and publish musical compositions, then market their brands to secure revenue from touring, sponsorships, endorsements and merchandising opportunities.


We exist because we believe that individuals with God-given, marketable musical talent(s) deserve an opportunity to build profitable and respectable careers in the music industry. Our primary goal is to identify, educate and market musical talent that generally fall under the “major record label” radar due to a lack of music business structure, project budget, and aggressive promotion and marketing strategies. 


It is our belief that independent artists, producers and ghostwriters are severely disadvantaged for three reasons:

  1. They lack sufficient knowledge regarding the music business and how to effectively manage, market and promote their music talents.
  2. They don’t have significant budgets to allocate towards necessary products, services and marketing efforts to effectively compete with major recording artists, producers and/or ghostwriters.
  3. Last but not least, they rarely have a solid team in place to handle the multitude of business areas that must be ON POINT in order to grow their brand into a marketable and profitable entity in the music industry.

On Point Entertainment is here to serve this population by providing them a unique opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the music business, while actively pursuing their careers in the music industry. We strongly believe that being an INDEPENDENT is the best option for today’s music professionals. With the right team, a realistic budget and a solid music business plan, our clients across the globe will realize their dreams of making a living as professionals in the music business.


A Member-Based Music Business Network created to assist new and emerging artists, producers, and songwriters AT ANY STAGE OF THEIR CAREER. By becoming a member of the On Point Entertainment network, you gain instant access to valuable resources to enhance your music career, networking opportunities with business minded music professionals and affordable rates on an array of music business products and services.  The B.O.S.S. Vault is a Back Office Self Service tool that will help guide your music business operations and develop a greater understanding of how to build your business, brand and music catalog.

Do you have a #DOPE single but need assistance with marketing and promotions? Look no further.  On Point Entertainment’s #SINGLESMARKET is dedicated to providing independent artists with a platform that reinforces everything else they are doing to get their music out to the world.  Our network is comprised of industry tastemakers, disc jockeys, major label A&Rs, managers, radio program directors, and a host of other valuable players actively looking for the next big hit, talent, and brand.  Placement in the #SINGLESMARKET is our endorsement of you as a professional in the music industry.  Furthermore, it will help increase your brand value and position you to achieve your goals.

Team actively listens to and scout up and coming artists through various platforms including but not limited to Facebook, YouTube, Open Mics, Showcases and direct submissions.  To be considered, you must first become a member of the ON POINT ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. Depending upon your membership level, there may be a fee for your submission.  Each submission must include the following:

High Quality, Mastered, Original Song
High Resolution CD Cover Artwork
Social Media Links (Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, etc.)
High Quality Music Video (preferred but not required)
Contact information
2 or more professional pictures
Applicable payment (PayPal only)

If you are ready to submit, please send the following to: onpoint317@gmail.com Subject line: Singles Market Submission

*Due to the high volume of submissions, only those that we feel meet out guidelines will be considered.


Somebody who writes lyrics secretly for another person and they get payed to do it

Example: Nas ghostwrites for FoxyBrown

On Point Entertainment is a proud strategic partner of BOUT OUR BUSINESS PUBLISHING (ASCAP) and BOUT OUR BUSINESS WORLDWIDE (BMI).  We are currently looking for ghostwriters for Hip Hop and R&B material for upcoming projects.  For consideration, please complete the form located on the HOME PAGE.

*Due to the high volume of submissions, we will only consider those that we feel meet our guidelines.