Eugeno Glenn, also known as Jigg The PA Legend, is a well known artist from the city of Prichard Al.
Jigg The PA Legend, got his name from making underground hit songs through out his city, and his music has touched the people in his community for over a decade.
One of the main hit songs “Raised off 45” is a classic song in the state of Alabama in all night clubs and radio stations.
Jigg has performed on a lot of big stages, he has worked with a lot if great artist including (Boosie Bad Azz). His latest single (Factz)is a very powerful song,with a strong positive message for communities worldwide dedicated to the victims of unlawful violence (Michael Moore) was a young man in his community who was shot and killed by police,the song is a national song bringing Jigg national radio play and Pandora Radio.The sky is the limit for Jigg The PA Legend coming from a ruff environment his humbleness is a great attribute to his success.