LaTausha “COLD-HEARTED” Taylor, an avid entrepreneur, aspiring songwriter and recording artist saw a need in her hometown for an independent label and music publishing company that understood the dynamics of the music industry and the importance of relationships and networking.   After gaining immediate respect and recognition for her business practices, work ethic and musical abilities, she started On Point Entertainment in 2007 to maintain control over her personal career. Her seemingly overnight success attracted many other artists that sought her out to assist them navigating the music industry as a business and not just a profession.

As President, she has a clear vision, educational credentials and strong leadership abilities that have enabled her to build a solid team guided by a solid and profitable business plan.  Amidst a promising and progressing music career,  COLD-HEARTED retired as an informed, talented, professional and respected artist in 2010 and starting consulting and managing talent full-time. Her platform surrounds the principals of education, business first and a unified hustle mentality.

Listen to “I’m On Point” by Cold-Hearted