STREET NITTY THE REPRESENTER- “THROWIN MONEY” featuring GUCCI MANE produced by ZAYTOVEN (Migos, Wiz Khalifa, Future, Lil Uzi Vert)

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Born and raised in the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. Liltraon Mills also known as Street Nitty the Representer was born September 11, 1980 to single parent Diane Mills who he also shared a birthday with. Growing up he lived all over the city of Atlanta. He fell in love with music at a young age. Many artist influenced him. At the young age of six he began listening to artist such as LL cool J, Big Daddy Cane and Heavy Dee just to name a few. At first Nitty was preparing to become a singer it wasn’t until 2pac, UGK, and Outcast made their debut did he truly find his love for rapping. Sampling from other rappers music him and his cousins began free-styling and recording their selves on a tape recorder. It wasn’t until his early 20’s that he’ll record in a real recording studio. Growing up in the streets Liltraon became mixed in the wrong crowds he began smoking, robbing, and selling drugs. While being involved in these bad habits he also picked up rap name such as Tray Day and Travo Gold. The more he got into the rap game the more he was introduced to what now are big names such as OJ the juice man, Future and Gucci Mane.

His hit single “Throwing Money” is a collaboration with Gucci Mane featured on it. Seeing the guys go from nothing to something motivated and inspired Liltraon. In doing so he made his first song “Swadd Up” and sold it for $5 on the street. In the start of his career he began making “gangsta” music and going by the name “Street Nitty”. Then a life changing event occurred. February 10, 2007 Street Nitty was baptized and gave his life over to the Lord. In doing so he began to incorporate God in all his rhymes which brought about a new name “Street Nitty the Representer”, he grew up in the street and is a representer of God. Being a hustler at heart and now a Christian man one of his goals is to reach the people of the streets as well as those whose first love is God.

Street Nitty the Representer sees his music as inspirational and real. It’s truly music that get you through trial and tribulations but still has a hard beat to it. His aim is to go beyond the limits of expectation and to achieve excellence in all aspects of life. Not just to be one of the greatest rapper to live but to make music that will be played now and for generations to come.